Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sick, sick, sick

Well, the yukky snot fairy (jingle, jingle, jingle -- oops, sorry) has been making the rounds at our house these days. Last week I spent three days carrying Aaron in the mei tai almost all day and nursing him about thousand times a day. I thought this was making life complicated, but forutnately Andrew was on a big space kick, and he and Leonov managed to take many playdoh -covered trips to the moon and space walks while I tended the baby and let the house get turned upside down. Then I started to get sick, so I decided to just let everything roll into complete chaos mode and relax with the boys. At which point Aaron started feeling better, but Andrew got sick. Fortunately this was right when Dave finished his work week, so I got a bit of help, and now I am feeling better and the floors are no longer sticky (that is my new definition of a "cleanish" house -- you can find your gloves, you have clean clothes to wear, you can find a clean spoon and bowl, the garbage has not yet overflowed and the floors are not sticky. If the clean clothes are in your drawer, that is bonus points). Andrew however, is still sick.

As many of you are already aware, Andrew has a tiny dramatic streak. Yes, he has been feverish for three days, but one does tend to lose their patience when every time anything puts pressure on any part of his body it is greeted with a wail of "ow! ow! ow!". Yesterday he was really sick -- like, lay around all day and slept and didn't eat kind of sick. Today he is slightly better -- just better enough to be extremely demanding but not better enough that I can get upset with him for it.

I have discovered that it is easier to have a sick toddler and healthy preschooler than it is to have a healthy toddler and a sick preschooler. Here is why: you can carry a sick toddler around the house with you and still manage to preapre meals and entertain your three year old. But when your toddler is healthy, he wants to get into everything and go everywhere (outside, into the basement, in the bath, up on the table, etc) while your preschooler just wants to lie in one place, preferably in front of a television with you beside him.

The one upside to this is naptime. Both boys have been napping late morning, giving me a bit of breathing room. And Andrew has been waking up at 7 or 8 am instead of his usual 5 or 6, which is blissful (left to his own devices, Aaron will "sleep in" until 6 or so). Ironically, I haven't felt this well rested in quite a while.

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