Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You know you're an attatchment mama when. .

your three year old carries his baby everywhere. Like to the grocery store, the bathroom, the park, on the motorcycle, to the library . . . everywhere we go, Soxul Furry comes with us. She doesn't just go TO the park, she is carried all around the park. Andrew does everything one handed while holding his baby. He will very rarely let me put Soxul Furry in my bag so he can play two-handed, but usually he insists that she has to be carried with him.

Also, at supper, Andrew was talking about how he was going to have a baby soon. Dave gently broke it to him that he couldn't have a baby in his tummy because he was a boy, and Andrew broke down into tears. Not just his usual fake wail, but real, heart-broken, gasping for air sobs and tears. Poor boy. Dave tried to explain to him that he could still HAVE a baby, he just couldn't carry the baby inside his tummy, but that didn't help.

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