Monday, April 21, 2008

The Lappy has returned!

I got the Lappy back last week! I am glad to say that it has a new fan and is now up and running. Unforutnately it looks like they had a bit of trouble getting into the case to get at the fan, because there's a bit of a pucker in the frame on the left side, and the keyboard is not quite a nice as it once was -- some of the keys on the right hand side (oddly enough) are slow and a bit sticky. It may have also got bumped and bruised in transit, I'm not sure. Ah well, the lovely new sheen was bound to wear off eventually. It may also be that Aaron smashed something into the right hand side of the keyboard while I wasn't looking. Sigh. The joys of a fearless 15 month old.

I do still have a ton of photos of spring to post. But since its snowing outside I don't particularly feel like posting them right now. Also I should get to bed, since the boys rise early and its 10:30.

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