Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm Afraid I've Been Bad . . .

But seriously, look at this fabric goodness. I was surfing on equilter, looking for something to make a big Amy Butler hat out of (um, which I still haven't found) and I saw a category "new florals". I thought, "Aha, florals -- thats what I need". It led me to that lovely little butterfly print, and also the brown floral on the end (the flowers have creamy yellow highlights in real life). Then I found all the co-ordinates for the butterfly print, and the two scroll work ones (which were by Tina Givens -- found them from the brown floral) and they were on sale . . . and that was it. I'm not sure if the pink coral scrolls are staying with these or going with my Freshcut quilt, but since both are five or six quilts away, I have some time to decide. I'm seeing big log cabin blocks or those log cabin-type squares, with owls and butterflies in the centre and the others around it. It is super soft and lucious.

If it was just that, it wouldn't be so bad, but there's also this, which I picked up when I was in the city (I was actually looking for baby cord, which is a silly thing to do in April):

Not much to look at, but the bottom three are this lovely, heavy drapey cotton that is going to make me some great summer skirts. The brown is just a solid to go with the above fabrics (or one of my other many brown projects) and I was thinking of using the grey with this:
To make the skirt on the right with the contrast band. But it doesn't really match -- the grey leaves are more of a yellow-grey and the grey solid is more of a blue-grey. Arg. So I may make the little swooshy skirt on the left out of the lotus flowers, or I might make a ridiculously loud tunic or I might buy some Lotus dots to go with it (which would mean I'd have to buy more fabric, but of course I do still have to buy some hat fabric)
The blue cotton is for the short bias skirt (the short swooshy one on the left) and I might make the one on the right with the contrast band out of the green cotton with the beige for contrast. Or I might do something else with it. I love the swirly, retro-y ness of this skirt, but I'm not sure I could pull it off.

You know the Meyers - Briggs? Well, if you don't its a four-section personality test. You get typed in four different areas that make up your personality. I am an ENFP (which is a totally silly personality, which shocks you all, I am sure). Well, I am at my most "Perceiving" when it comes to fabric. The "P"means you like to leave your options open. I can hardly bear to cut and use my fabric, becuase it limits the possibilites for using it. Even though if I don't use it, it just sits there. But I love fabric in potentia as much or more as I do finished products. Silly, isn't it?

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