Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy Week!

On Thursday, we went out to visit this older, childless couple in our church. They are farmers and he collects old John Deer tractors. He loves to give tractor rides, and the boys were treated to a ride on this tractor with Dad. We all got to drive in a vintage grain truck as well, which was fun. I think Dad enjoyed the tractor more than the boys, however.

Then yesterday our friends the Tucks came through on their way home to Fort McMurray. I've known Arden since grade 11. He played trumpet in the band and I played percussion, and he started coming to our ISCF group, then later the youth group Dave and I ran as teens. Dave was in his wedding party when he married Judith, who I get along with like a house on fire, and his older son, Nate is Dave's godson. It was a short visit - only one night - but very intense and enjoyable. One day we will live closer again and the boys can play. The boys had a blast. Nate and Andrew are very similar, tempermentally, so they played together really well. After the Tucks took us out for dinner, they boys had a huge wrestling / couch jumping / climb on daddy time in our living room. It was great. Even John, at 6 mos, was loving it.

Here are the boys sharing a bowl of cherries before supper.

Of course, we also have Art Camp from Mon. - Thurs. next week, so I've been testing out a few of the projects. I should have tried tie dying, too, but that will have to be tomorrow's project, I guess. Dave says he thinks the monster making project might be a bit much for Sasktachewan, but I hope lots of 10 yr old boys take it and have fun learning how to sew with me!

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