Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fabric goodness folded after prewashing

How can you not love this photo? My husband tells me that I respond to colour how most people respond to drugs . . . do you think drugs would be cheaper?

Anyway, the bottom raspberry and orange and brown ones are mostly the Chloes Imagination that I was obsessing about ealier, which arrived last week. Also some Zazu thrown in (by he same designer) and some pindots -- my stash lacks blender fabrics. The top ones are for the quilt Im going to make with the fabric you can see here: Sorry not to be more saavy, but it appears my keyboard is still on the french setting and I can't seem to find the html brackets anywhere . .. ah well. the bright yellow and turquoise in the middle are just becuase I loved them. Ill make something happy for me out of them one day. Until then Ill just keep them where they can smile at me while I sew.

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