Thursday, July 03, 2008

Status: July 3

What I've Been Doing: Trying to rescue my photos before my Lappy has a total meltdown, going to the wading pool, trying out my new workout videos, ambling around with small boys outside, mucking around on Flikr, cleaning sand and watermelon off of everything.
What I've Been Reading: Quilting magazines, a little PG Wodehouse, the book of Proverbs, the final statement from GAFCON , craft blogs, Spoiling Childhood
What I've Been Making: half triangle squares, a new skirt, mini quilts, oatmeal bread, lots of messes with the boys, a big hat, a spaceboy and some paper hexagons.
What I've Been Thinking About: starting a parenting blog, the demise of North American culture and society, becoming vegetarian, Morgentaller being awarded the order of Canada, how to keep life sane during the summer.
What's Making Me Angry: the word "mine", the demise of my Lappy.
What's Making Me Happy: little boys running, dancing, playing and exploring, dirty bathwater at the end of a long day, a light at the end of a very long tunnel (hopefully its not another train this time), the immanent approach of summer vacation, folk festivals, and visitors stopping in on their way cross-country.
What I've Been Planning: way too many quilts, lovely care packages for friends, swaps packages for lovely strangers, my vacation, Art Camp (again), the shape of our next year. And sleep. Sleep is good.

The Lappy is down again. I will probably spend a few days getting her up and running again, so no more detailed posts for a while. Sorry. If you want to see my finished mini-quilt, click the button in my sidebar and find the one with the worm and the flowers. Must clean this disastrous mess that passes for our house.

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