Sunday, July 06, 2008

Completed block - peas and carrots quilt

Looky, looky! One block completely sewn and finished. I'm so excited becuase I cut the squares big, so I could trim them down to size and get accurate blocks, and it worked! Its a bit tedious trimming all 12 triangle square blocks, but it yeilds such a lovely result that its worth it in the long run. I figure if I do them in pairs, and I don't get distracted by too many other things, I might actually get all the blocks sewn by the end of July. (No promises, though, Sharon). I do need to get these quilts and Andrew's quilt done before cold sets in in the fall, so I'm happy to feel like I"m finally making progress.

I love it when I start getting to this stage -- its so gratifying and exciting to be able to see something beautiful appearing out of all the cutting and chain piecing I've been doing so far.

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