Monday, June 30, 2008

Sewing Whirlwind

Yes, thats right. I have been a sewing whirlwind lately. With no other commitments coming my way for a few weeks yet, and no social life to speak of, I have been sewing up a storm. Aside from the hat, I also finished chain piecing all the half-triangle squares for this quilt . All 480 of them have been stitched together. I finished, then I oiled and cleaned my sewing machine to congratulate it for a job well done.

Now the question is how to go about the next stage of making this quilt. I still need to cut apart, iron and then trim to size (I made them a little big becuase I"m not a terribly accurate sewer) all the blocks. I was thinking of ways to do this all at once and keep them all organized and un-wrinkled so that I could put them together into the blocks for the quilts. Then I realized that with an 18 month old and only about 18" of unreachable open space in my little sewing corner, that was not going to happen. And it would be really boring to iron and cut all those squares at once. I was thinking this would be the best way to go about it so that I could see all the fabric combinations when I was putting the blocks together.

But I've decided that I'm just going to pull 16 squares in the right colour combinations out of their ziploc bags, cut, iron, trim and sew two blocks together at a time. After all, the fabric is all from the same collection. The blocks all have the same basic colour scheme. It will be okay. I think this will be more satisfying, since I will actually be seeing blocks take shape, instead of just seeing endless little piles of miserable squares stacking up and being scattered all over the sewing / playroom by Aaron.

Unfortunately I don't have anything to show you with this post -- right now the quilt consists of a bunch of squares in ziploc bags. I promise I'll post a photo when I have a few blocks together.

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