Monday, June 09, 2008

And the winner is . . .

my lovely niece-in-law Beck! Email me your address, Beck, I actually don't have it.

Thanks for all your fun comments. I love finding out random things about people, it really does make me happy. And it was nice to hear some "voices" I haven't heard in a while. And Katy, if I ever happen to be in England I shall drop in for coffee.

Andrew is still recovering, and Aaron is not sick yet but has been cranky all evening, so I had best get some rest before someone is sick and large quantities of laundrying are required once more.

I've had a few adventures pre-flu that I will hopefully get a chance to update you on in the next few days. Night, night all.


Beck said...

thanks :)

Beck said...

Don's away and he's the one with your email address. So if you can email me ur addy i'll email you my address. :)