Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night's Sleep

Aside from not being finished my giveaway items (thus not wanting to get to post #325 too quickly), I have also been getting really lousy sleeps right now. Apparently, although Aaron is not as expressive as Andrew, he is much more stubborn. If I remember correctly, Andrew protested night weaning for about a week, then gave in and went to sleep. We are now on day . . . ten of night weaning with Aaron. He was awake from 10pm until 1:30 am. He just would not settle without being nursed, and I would not give in and nurse him. Finally, Dave drove him around in the car, and even still he grumbled until I got back up with him and slept on the couch. He has not been that bad every night, but I have been up walking the floor with him every night, sometimes for up to an hour or so.

I was considering relenting and trying again in a month or so. But I really need to be able to think logically again. And having possesion of my short term memory, and what little good sense I am naturally gifted with would be good too. I'll hopefully be able to post more later tonight, if I don't fall asleep over my sewing machine.

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Carla said...

I'm so sorry it isn't going well! It's a tough one for sure. Kyla took forEVER (I don't know how many nights Robin sat in the dark beside her playing Nintendo DS but it was WEEKS).

Sorry about the stomach virus, too :( How awful!