Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hand Sewng

I joined a mini quilt swap a couple of weeks ago. The idea is that you are matched up with a partner, and you each make a 6 - 12 inch big quilt and mail it to the other person. This is a lot of fun, because you can try things you wouldn't necesarily do on a big quilt.

For my first quilt, I tried a bunch of things I saw in the Quilt Sensations book that I was talking about a couple of weeks ago. They all worked, with a bit of tinkering and fiddling. I also hand sewed most of the top. This actually made the project go a lot faster. I stitched while watching "I love Dinosoars"with the boys. I sewed while they ate the hundreth snack of the day. I sewed while they played in the sandbox. And then once they were asleep I could just sneak down to the basement to do the parts that I wanted to do on machine. It was really satisfying to accomplish something so quickly. I also snacked less because my hands were busy, and I've realized the main reason I eat mindlessly is because I'm bored and fidgety.

One of the things I made involved sewing through two layers of fabric and a layer of cotton batting. I still don't have a thimble, because the shop in town only has small thimbles in stock right now, and so in the best Canadian fashion I improvised

with duct tape. I remembered my best friend Lisa telling me about how, when she was tree planting, they would duct tape their hands to prevent blisters and wear on their hands. So I thought a few layers might also work as a stand in thimble. It wasn't bad, but I think I would need one more layer -- I still poked my finger one time.

Anyway, this little project was really fun. Í'll show off my photos of it when it gets to my swap partner in Australia.

I think I should always have a hand sewing project on the go. It really brightened my day. However, I think I need to make a little bag to hold needles, thread, scissors and stitch ripper so I can carry all my supplies with me to the park. Hmm . .. sewing leading to more sewing? How can that be?

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