Monday, June 23, 2008

Still here

Yep, we're all alive over here.

Aaron is finally over the flu. But then there was cleaning up to do from the camping trip I took the youth group on (during which Aaron had the worst throwing-up-everywere stage of the flu, of course), and Dave decided to assemble our new wardrobes (dubbed the Rubbermaid Uglies) which caused us to rearrange all the furniture in three or four rooms of our house and re-organize all our clothes and storage items, and I had to plan and execute the end-of-year youth group baseball game and a car wash the next day and then, well, I've had to recover and I'm still catching up on laundry. Oh yes, and of course since I've night weaned Aaron my period chose to come back this weekend, too. Gone for two years and it chooses a weekend when I am totally burnt out to return. Typical. If I hadn't almost lost all my baby weight I would be tempted to just get pregnant again to get rid of it.

I finally got around to some sewing today. Triangle squares for the two twin bed quilts again. I made a goofy error becuase Aaron pulled a bunch of my ziploc bags out and spread them all over the floor, but its all good now. I'm half done chain piecing the triangle squares. Then once I figure out a sane way to keep the proper sets of them together, I'll start cutting them apart and ironing them. For now I"m just happy to look at my two little bags of neatly matched and sewn squares. I think I shall do some more now.

When I feel like my head is above water I shall post some pics of our slightly more organized (but still very barren) house. One day I will actually decorate. Really.

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