Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tiniest Pincushion Ever

Okay, maybe not ever, but it really is small. I wanted something I could take with me with a few pins for hand sewing. It had to be something small enough that it could be stashed away when Aaron came to investigate my sewing stuff. Its the beginning of my little travel sewing kit I'm assembling.

The fabric is from the Bees Knees collection. I got a pack of fat 16ths of the whole collection, and they sure are fun to play with. Initially I was planning to make a quilt of the whole lot of them, but if I keep using them up in dribs and drabs like this, I won't have a chance. Then again, I have 3 quilts on the go and about 5 more in my head and all ready to go, so I don't think I really have to worry too much.

I am finding that I tend to hoarde fabric. I was trying to make things without using my favorite fabrics up, just in case I had a fantastic idea sometime in the future and that was the perfect piece of fabric. But then I realized that I bought the fabric to make into things, not to look at. So I think my new fabric philosophy is that if it makes me happy, and I didn't buy it for a specific purpose (like for a certain quilt project, for instance) then I should use it whenever I can, even if I have a metre and I use it all up in dribs and drabs all over the place. It is my hobby, after all. The point is to have fun making things that I love. Right?

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bettyninja said...

super cute. They were talking this morning on the radio about the tiniest birthday cake ever. I think I want one.