Sunday, June 29, 2008

Big Sky Hat

This is my latest sewing project:

It is the first non-quilt or softie thing I've sewn in a long time. Its been all bags, quilts and toys for almost two years now, and I was quite happy with how much my sewing skills have improved. I think I've learned when its ok to take shortcuts and when its best to just follow the instructions. With this hat, I decided that since I've never made a hat before I should just follow the instructions. The pattern is by crafting goddess Amy Butler , as is the fabric. Its a really clear, easy to follow pattern and went together quickly. If I'd been able to work on it all at once it would have taken me about 3 or 4 hrs.

This hat really is at least as big as it looks in the photo. When I put it on I feel a little bit like one of the wizards at the XXXXX branch of Unseen University (Terry Pratchett's Australian Wizards -- they have big brims instead of tall points on their hats due to the heat) becuase the brim is so broad. In order to get it to stay stiff, you have to use 3 layers of canvas in between the quilting cotton. I was supposed to get 10 oz canvas, but thats not available locally, so I used 12 oz instead, which makes for a pretty sturdy hat. In fact, Andrew and I weighed it and it weighs a full pound. Hopefully this should prevent it from blowing off in the prairie winds.

I am going to be loving this hat, especially on long hot days at the park this summer. I like the colour. It is subdued enough to go with anything in my rather ecclectic and colourful wardrobe and to be suitable in many situations. Initially I was thinking of making it out of a brighter fabric, but then I decided that around here, just wearing such a big hat would create enough talk about town, never mind wearing a big, colourful hat.


Kristen said...

Like the hat...and it is an amazing picture of you Jill!

Jilly said...

Thanks, Kris. I love your new signature photo (the one looking at me right now) of you and the boys. Super cute.