Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Attempts to welcome Fall.

This past weekend we had a Fall Bazaar at our church. It was a lot of fun, and included silly treasure hunt games, face painting, a bouncy castle, crafts, baking, guess the weight of the pumpkin type games and a fresh produce table.

Since I have this idea that it would be great to do something fallish (like use some of the apples I have sitting in my garage, maybe?), and I wanted to support the bazaar, (our first one) I bought each of the boys a pumpkin. We chopped them open and cooked them yesterday morning, with plans of making pumpkin pie together.

But then Andrew wanted to go on a LONG bike ride. So we embarked on a 2 hr (with stops) bike ride. And since the boys are sick, they both slept all afternoon. And then it was supper, and I had two cooked pumpkins in the oven a little boy who had been promised pie after supper.

So instead of this idyllic, charming moment I had planned, full of much measuring and stirring and rolling together, I made the pie during supper. While the boys and Dave ate. And then baked it quickly so that Andrew could have the promised piece before bed time.

You know what? Andrew ate the crust. And informed me that he doesn't like pumpkin pie. You'd think I would have remembered that from last year .

On a related side note, though, you can make a dairy free pumpkin pie. Just find a recipe with Evaporated milk, and substitute slightly evaporated (on your stove top) coconut milk.

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