Monday, September 08, 2008

Mini Quilt sent -- Aug 08

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Once more I forgot to take photos, but here are my swap partner's photos of my cute little mini quilt. The theme was hand stitching, so I had to hand stitch and quilt the whole thing. It is about 8 or 9 inches.

Originally, I was thinking of appliquing the birds on top of the muslin, but I knew I had to get everything prepped before I went away on holidays, and in the midst of the rush (and my ridiculous decision to make the picnic quilt), I couldn't get the circles to work.

So, plan number two was born: have the chickens peeking through the fabric. Which I did. And I love.

The funny thing was that I didn't get any further in the planning before I left, so at first I was just stitching around the chickens, and people would ask, "What are they looking at?"and I would say, "I don't know."

But as my vacation continued, this quilt became a symbol of the stuff I was working through individually. The chickens in their holes became other people, peeking out and possibly criticizing or gossiping about the one chicken who has broken free of the coop. And so that one chicken was born, and placed looking off hopefully into the distance, representing me. So this little mini is a reminder of what is most important -- not what other people think of me, but what God thinks of me. It is important to be who I have been made to be and to do the things I think are right, not to do what I think people expect of me or want me to do.

So, anyway, its a silly little quilt with a lot of meaning. And Abi says she loves it, which makes it all worth while!

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blabby said...

Gosh, Jill. I almost want to send it back to you because it meant so much! Almost. Can I still keep it? I really really love it. Thanks for putting so much into my little quilty!