Thursday, September 04, 2008

What I did on the rest of my Vacation.

I spent the rest of my vacation in Winnipeg. A lot happened, and it was kind of stressful. My mom had lung surgery, my car was broken into, my sons caused all kinds of mischief, I visited lots of people and places, and my parents'50th wedding anniversary party was held on the proper day, but in Winnipeg instead of in Thunder Bay. We did get to stay at my brother's really nice house for half of the time (the after our car window got smashed part of the vacation), and we enjoyed the company of many friends and relations and the boys liked the zoo and their cousins (especially their trampolines and action figures and other big kid toys). Then we came home. Somehow I got lost on highway 16. I know, its really hard to get lost on a highway that just cuts straight across Manitoba and Saskatchewan, but you would be amazed at where I am capable of getting lost. Anyway, we found our way back again, and it only added about an hour to our trip.

If you want to see some photos there's some on Flikr. Just click on the Flikr side bar thing to see them. I could regale you with the full scale dramatic Jill version of all that happened, but I would be posting about my vacation well into Sept, and I'd rather go and make a snack bag for Andrew for playschool.

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