Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something on Andrew's Walls

My, I have a lot to say tonight. As my art teacher used to say about my answers to his introspective self-analysis questions (you asked, Dr G.), I do tend to be prolific.

In any case, now that Andrew's in playschool we are getting more and more crafts sent home with him. Not to mention the things we do around here. So I decided that it needed a home other than my refrigerator, where Aaron tears it down and drags it all over the house.

I got this idea from The Creative Family, written by Amanda Soule . She has a great blog -- lovely photos and inspiring writing. Its nothing fancy and cost about $5 -- some leftover hemp from my hemp jewlery making days, three nails and a few clothes pins.

It is hung ridiculously high up to be above toddler height for now.
I think we may do another one and hang pages from our favorite demolished children's books on it.

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