Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Quilt progress - Sept 3

Quilt progress - Sept 3
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Four finished, 36 to go. I was hoping to get to go to the quilter's guild meeting this Thurs and so I had pulled out the fabric to make 6 of these babies in the 4 hours they were meeting. Unfortunately, Dave has an important meeting on Sat (thanks, Richard) and so he can't watch the boys.
So I started in on the blocks and discovered that I really like doing them two at a time. It means I wind up with two almost identical blocks (except the four light squares in the corners) but since I"m making two quilts that doesn't really matter. Actually, no one that was not as pattern obsessed as I am would notice which blocks were identical in a quilt with 20 scrappy blocks anyway.
Also, I have more of a sense of accomplishment than I would cutting, ironing and trimming three hundred and some half-triangle squares all at one time. I love it when I can see progress!

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bettyninja said...

keep going! It looks aboslutely great. I love the colors going on and it will looks absolutely amazing when you are all done.