Thursday, November 27, 2008

Isn't it funny how things change?

When I first started this blog, I didn't even own a digital camera, nor did I have a laptop. But this week, I haven't posted anything because my laptop power cord is in Nipawin and my camera is with Dave in Toronto.

But the thing is, I want to show you the awesome swap goodness I received this week (on a day when I really needed a pick me up, no less!) and show you my progress my Marie's quilt, but I have no camera. And I want to finish the sewing tutorial, but again, no camera. And to think I said, "Oh, I'll be fine without the camera for a week. Definitely take it to Toronto with you." Bah.

In quilting news, I bought a walking foot, and although I felt a bit like I was adding an artificial limb to my machine when I put it on, it is amazing. It really makes straight line quilting super fast and easy. Which is perfect when you have to practically wrap your entire body and the table next to you with quilt to manouver it through the machine. It is nice becuase it does not take away the lovely, tactile feel of just pushing fabric around and burying yourself in it (machine quilting a big quilt is the adult version of Andrew's favorite fabric game -- fabric explosion). It does make quilting a bit too simple for my tastes, though. I'm sure I'll find some way to make it more complicated and time consuming soon.

Marie's quilt will be the first big quilt I have quilted (as opposed to tied) using cotton batting, and I am loving the feel of it. It gives it a heavy weight that is just perfect, in my mind.

Hopefully, if all goes well (ha, ha, famous last words) I shall be finished the quilting by Sun afternoon, and be able to bind it on Sunday night while watching a movie. That is, if no one gets sick, there are no more giant funerals for Dave to perform, I don't get sick, I find a babysitter for Saturday, and I don't have any more sewing mishaps. The sad thing about this is that I will then give Marie her quilt on Monday, giving me only one day to admire my handiwork and pretend I get to keep it. Ah well, I can visit it anytime I want to. And I still have Bea's to finish.

One day I might even make a quilt for myself. Seriously, I'm thinking about it. I've got some fabric and everything . . .


sharon said...

this is beyond exciting. you definitely must make yourself a quilt next. but we're shamelessly willing to benefit from your reluctance to do anything nice for yourself :-)

Kristen said...

I was wondering what happened, because I've kept checking back in...I'm starting Sadie's tonight. I'm surprised you haven't yet made yourself your own cuddle quilt, you definately deserve it!