Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pop Garden Picnic Quilt

Remember this picnic quilt ?

Well, my friend Lydia really liked it when we used it at Andrew's birthday. So when she was looking for a gift for someone who has everything, she asked me to make one for her to give. So, I did:

I found it really hard to make a quilt for money. I charged her what I thought was a fair price, but it still felt really expensive to me, so I felt like it had to be super perfect. Because I was so nervous, I kept making silly mistakes. First I had half pop garden fabrics and half other fabrics, but the browns I was using were to different from these, and I wasn't sure if anyone but me would like it. Then I decided to put some blocks with half white and half blue corduroy, but those looked goofy (Dave asked, "Is there supposed to be something underneath them?"). Then when I stitched the whole thing together I missed a corner . . . Basically, this quilt was deconstructed and reconstructed as many times as Hamlet.

So ironically, I had originally figured I would charge a price that would pay me about $18 / hr. But I ended up making about $10 / hr because I kept goofing up. Next time I just have to be more confident in my decisions and less stingy with my stash. If there is a next time. I still don't have a quilt to snuggle under on my couch without stealing one off Andrew's bed. And that was pretty stressful.

Anyway, the backing is amazing. Its some brown duck fabric I got at Tonic Living . Its Canadian, so I knew they would be able to ship the fabric to me fast. It is organic and naturally dyed and gives the quilt a nice weight. I put rock pockets on it, but I don't think it really needs them. It weighs several pounds.

I am pretty happy with the final result, and I hope my friend is too. We shall see.


Kristen said...

What a great idea, have you thought about selling your quilts more often?

Jilly said...

Yeah. But I don't think it would be as fun as just sewing for myself. Do I really want to make my hobby into a business?

I might try putting a few things up on etsy sometime, but first I have to make a quilt for Andrew's bed and my couch.