Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kitchen Poetry 6

Little boys are like animals in many ways. One similarity I love is the tendency to leave trails behind. If its one of those days where you don't get to tidy until 9 or 10 pm, you can see the tracks of your child's activities throughout the day. Here's a few from today:

It is fun to follow along with all the Kitchen Poetry images. I love all the dialogues going on photographically about fridges, baking, dishwashers, children, glassware, sinks, messes and tidying up. It is amazing how many variations there are on the theme of ordinary life. It really is magical to find so much beauty and joy in the everyday.

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Marguerite said...

Hi Jill,
You're right. Nothing is more depressing than a super clean kitchen. No mess = no meals, no mess = no crafting, no mess= no laughter. Nothing beats a busy kitchen. If we all go back to childhood, most of us have fond memories taking place in kitchens. I know I do.....
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