Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My parents sent us some money for the boys for Christmas. So I ordered a bin of Lego for Andrew and a bin of Duplo for Aaron. My mom said I could give it to them as soon as it came (she hates waiting for presents).

I gave it to the boys last night. At about 4:30 this morning, after his morning snuggle (as in, he had already been awake and come into our bed to cuddle for a while), Andrew went to play with his lego. And came back in to get me to put a window in a window frame. And came back to get me to help him click on part of a car . . . and eventually convinced me to get up to build him a helicopter at 5:15 am. There is nothing quite like trying to find tiny pieces of clear lego in a bin of 400 pieces when your eyes haven't quite focused yet!

Of course, Aaron thinks his Duplo is okay, but he really wants to play with Andrew's Lego. I'm still getting the hang of this younger sibling thing, obviously.

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Beck said...

Well I have two dogs living with me now. One is ten years old and I got her when I was 13. The other is of course Jersey whom you've met. :P Well the whole younger sibling thing is a lot harder when it's animals you're dealing with. I keep saying after this kids will be a breeze. But I'm sure that'll just mean I have kids, plus dogs, and a cat to worry about. haha. As far as the dogs go, if one has something, the other wants the same thing. I'll be glad when summer comes again so I can banished them outside for a few hours!
Loved your quilt btw. You always make such amazing things.