Thursday, October 02, 2008


Andrew drew his first person today. Its Batman. The circle is the head, then it has two points on the top -- the points of his helmet. Then he has legs sticking out the bottom, and the yellow is his costume, of course. He drew eyes and a mouth, but then put stickers over top of them -- his mask. Such a funny drawing. He brought it as his "B" thing for playschool, and ended up giving it to his teacher.

Oh well, I know there will be more people in the future.

His second person (Batman again) had a body, arms and legs, so he's figuring things out quickly.

In the same way as the biking came suddenly, we had two breakthroughs that led to going straight from squiggles to people with nothing in between. Last week he learned to draw circles - something I never really tried to teach him. I just figured he'd pick it up somehow, I guess. The second was that I taught him how to hold a pencil properly the other day, so he had a lot more control.


Sara at On Simplicity said...

That is so cute! I teach art classes for pre-k kids, and I love seeing what you describe: the sudden leap from squiggles to substance. (Though the squiggles are usually pretty cool-looking!) It's actually prettyinspiring to watch, right? And like you said, I'm sure there will be plenty more for you to hang onto. :)

Beck said...

reading your blog just makes me realize how much i take so for granted. they seem so simple until you realize that you had to learn it some how. ah well. I'm sure I'll find out all about the world of discovery for my own toddlers soon enough. :)