Thursday, October 16, 2008

Swap News

My partner received her Sept. mini quilt, so I can post about it now! The theme for Sept was owls and mushrooms, which totally didn't inspire me. The whole owl craze is one that I'm not too big on. My memory of owls is a pair of ceramic owls my sister made in the 70's that my mom has displayed in our house ever since. Those two brown owls stared at me with their weird, empty hollow eyes for too long for me to be excited about the all new retro re-emergence of this trend. Knowing me I will eat those words in about two weeks, but there you have it.

SO, I opted to just do the "plain Jane"swap. That basically means you make whatever you want. This is what I made (yes, that is a cd case underneath it):

I have wanted to make one of these zig-zag quilts for a long time now. I think they have a really simple, graphic vibe to them. When I ordered some fabric from Starlit Nest -- she has great fabric and lots of fun ways of selling it, you should check out her shop -- she sent along these 4" pop garden charms as a little bonus. Since I only had five of them, I decided to do a very tiny zig-zag. The squares started out at 2", which means these triangles, after stitching and cutting and stitching are about an inch and a half or less. It was a really fun little quilt to make, and I made enough triangle squares to make myself one too.

I have also almost finished my October quilt. The October theme was "out of the box"(ie- non square quilts) and I am making a very silly quilt. Fortunately my swap partner is British and very cool, so she should appreciate it. Here's a peek at it:

I also sent out my next fabric and chocolate swap package. This is such a fun swap that every month I swear its going to be my last month becuase I have too much to do. And then I go and sign up for it again in my sleep. Anyway, this is a peek at what I sent this month. Amazingly, I even found the bottom two fabrics at my local shop:

I think that catches me up on swappy news. There should be some packages on the way for me soon. I'll show you what I get when it gets here.

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