Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rummage Sale

Our church has two rummage sales a year. The spring one is on the weekend that kicks off the yard sale season in May. The second one ends it and falls the same weekend as all the trade / craft shows in town.

Anyway, as well as donating to the sale, it is also imperative that I go and buy something from it. So I have more things to donate next year. But seriously, often someone in our church is downsizing to a condo and thus dumping a lot of their fabric stash and / or linens in the process. Very occasionally there is even a wool sweater I can felt in the clothes section, or a pair of cords I can repurpose.

This was what I picked up this year:

Ten balls of polyester yarn. I was expecting this stuff to be somewhat soft, but when I opened it it proved to be that scratchy yarn your grandma used to make slippers out of. Well, okay, my grandma used to make slippers out of it anyway. It will suffice for craft projects for the boys and may even be used for me to learn to knit. One of the ladies offered to teach me, so I may have to invite her over for tea and cakes (she's an ex-Brit, so I think that would be appropriate) and let her teach me. But not until I've finished the Christmas softies I"m scheming and the English paper pieced quilt I have tugging at the back of my mind.
Also some sweet vintage fabric. Only one is faded - the rest are in really nice condition. I especially love the light blue with the eyelets. I think it might be a cute little summer blouse for me if there's enough. Or maybe a dress for my niece if theres not. I haven't opened it up yet.

Someone's embroidery UFO. The sections that are done on this are really nice. And because its not finished it has never been used, so the cotton or linen (not sure which) is in amazing condition. I am either going to swap this for some fabric, if anyone wants to finish it, or cut it up for quilt blocks.

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