Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Five Things That Bug Me

Fall is here, and winter will be closing in soon. I know that sounds dramatic, but we often get our first snow around the 15th of October. Once winter is here, we spend a lot more time in the house. Last winter was really, really long, and by the end my house was driving me mad. I made a few changes last March and April, but not enough to make our house really feel like a home, or that added enough colour and interest to make this winter less white.

So I have decided to tackle five things that bug me before winter comes. You know those things, the ones that are always there at the back of your conciousness whenever you are in or walk by that space.

I think I've done two so far:

1. Remove wallpaper from the kitchen. The wallpaperers left a one inch overhang on all the seams of this wallpaper. When Andrew was 2ish he peeled them all apart and left these gapes in the wallpaper. I finally got rid of it. Cleaning under the appliances and painting the kitchen is #4.

#2. I painted this bulletin board and the chalkboard ( remember? ) and Dave finally got a chance to hang them up today. This led to a general, and much needed tidy in the crafty corner (but not, unfortunately in the rest of the basement).

#3. Andrew's room. We finally got the hooks for dress up clothes and the cubbies (not sure what they're for yet) put up. But there's still a fair bit to do before it will feel like a real room, not just a bunch of stuff and a bed.
#4. Stuff to the dump. We replaced out old Ikea closet organizer metal basket-drawer things with two wardrobes in our bedroom. Did I post about this? I think I meant to but never did. Anyway, it put our room into the sparse but tidy category instead of the total eyesore category it was in before. We did not, however, throw out the drawers yet. The frames are bent and don't actually hold the drawers anymore, so its not worth keeping. We also have a bunch of boxes and ramdom debris that needs to go to the dump.
#5. Put something on the walls in the living room. I rearranged the furniture to make it more cozy, but we still have these very blank beige walls to contend with. I really need to stop second guessing myself and just throw something up there.
#6. Oh yeah. Clean under the fridge and stove and paint the kitchen.

I'll let you know how I do on the other three and a half.

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