Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fall Frolic

I couldn't figure out why the boys kept stopping and tripping in this huge field of leaves, until Andrew mentioned that it was full of mushrooms. The ground was covered with these massive clumps of them.
Hill climbing (artificial hills - silly flat Saskatchewan)
Back to the Dead Tree Stump

The rest of the tree is now in our back yard.

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Beck said...

hey great photos! I'm going out to take some today. I was reading this entry and the one below it, and I thought I'd tell you about a website recently I was let in on. You may already know about it because apparently it's been around for a little while. It's called and it's an awesome place where people put up their crafts, art, etc to sell. :) I find it just fun to look at all the things and get inspired to do some stuff of my own.