Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things that Bug Me: Update

Well, I took all the stuff in my basement to the dump, and all the odds and ends to the rummage sale, including all the drifter toys.

Yeah, drifter toys. You know the ones. The ones that seem to serve no purpose other than to get taken out and left in another room. They are never actually played with, but only serve as painful things to step on in the middle of the night, or odds and ends that don't fit in any of the toy bins. Becuase they don't fit in any of the toy bins, they get put in the "doesn't go with anything else"bin. Which is the one Aaron systematically dumps every morning. He then spreads its contents all over the floor and leaves it. Andrew then picks up some of the odds and ends, pretends they are plumbing pipes or snacks or bird food and relocates them. And then forgets to ever play with them again, leaving them conveniently in the middle of the shoe mat or on his desk or under the kitchen table. Where I find it at night (asking myself "What IS all this stuff under the kitchen table?") and put back in the odds and ends bin. So I gathered them all up and let them clutter up someone else's house.

Unfortunately this included the food cutting set that I got for Andrew last year. It was such a great idea, and he loved to pull all the food apart and scatter it all over the house. But even since I gave it away I have found a pea pod, half a pineapple and a corn husk in various corners of the house.

So that is one less thing to irritate me during the winter.

Andrew's room is almost finished. I just need to hang a few more things on the wall and it will be done. Photos soon, I promise.

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