Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hey, I'm on CBC radio!

CBC's show Spark was looking for cool uses of technology the other week, so I posted a comment on their blog about how I thought it was cool that small designers were offering sewing patterns in PDF format.

Well, it ended up that they were in the midst of doing a documentary on sewing and the web. They contacted me and got me to repeat my comment over the phone, and apparently it made it into this week's show!

I haven't heard it yet because I was in the midst of dealing with a meltdown during it, but it aired today, and they're playing the episode again on Saturday. Or you can listen to the podcast here:

The reporter thought I was talking about Spoonflower and designing your own fabric patterns, rather than ordering sewing patterns from designers, so my comment may actually be out of context, I'm not sure. We shall see.

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Simply Stork said...

wow! how cool is that???

how fun...