Monday, December 08, 2008

Longing to Wear a Dress

So, this is the thing. As of next week, I have been officially pregnant or nursing for 5 years. That is right. Five long years of not having my body to myself. I know this is supposed to put me in blissful mama land, and that many women LOVE being pregnant and LOVE nursing and are sad when its over. But I am not. I love having my body to myself and having it be a fairly predictable size, so that I can buy decent quality clothes that look good now and will still look good three months from now.

Instead, I have this hodge podge wardrobe that doesn't co-ordinate very well that spans over four sizes. Every time I think "Yeah, I can finally wear THIS" . . . I then grow into / out of something else I love. It is very dis-heartening when you love clothes the way I do.

Anyway, back to the dress thing. I also love dresses. I love to wear knee length dresses with tights and sweaters in the winter (and dream that someday I may even get an awesome pair of boots to complete the look) and long dresses with sandals and a light cardigan in the summer. I love the whole dress as a layer under jeans thing that is back in style right now. Although my wardrobe is not otherwise very girly, I do love a cute dress.

BUT, they are impossible to nurse in. And when you have embraced long term nursing on demand, that is a problem. You can't just whip up a dress and feed your baby in the grocery store. It just doesn't fly so well.

Lately I have been spending too much time (that should be spent doing housework or making Christmas presents, or hey, sending out those Christmas cards) cruising around on etsy. And let me tell you, there are a lot of cute dresses on etsy. Just my style of cute dresses -- little loose jersey and linen above the knee dresses. Check out this sweet dress or or this amazing one . So cute. So totally the Jillish clothes I have never been able to find anywhere. I just love them. And I can't buy them or wear them because I"m still nursing.

Sigh. The things a girl sacrifices for her children.

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