Monday, December 29, 2008

New Literary Sensation

Have you heard yet? There's a fresh literary voice out there. A voice full of adveture, danger, and robots. And his first masterpiece, a harbinger of things to come?

Yes, that is right. English Pam, Published by Andrew. The gripping tale of good guys and bad guys and a city on fire. Add in robots, the Dead Sea (?) and you have a tale of drama and pathos.

This all started when Andrew was telling me the story about his fingerpainting, that apparently involved a superhero and a bad woman who turned into a squid. He wanted to write that story down, so we did. And then he decided he had to draw more pictures for me to write down the stories. After the pictures were drawn and the story copied out, but he then decided it needed a cover and that it needed to be stapled together.

Here's the story descriptions of the pictures:

"Page One: Up here, the bad guys attack. Down here is the city of the good guys.

Page Two: This is a fire (see photo). The whole bad guy city broke their own city. The bad guy city was burnt down by the good guys. Some old buildings fell down, but no one was there, so it was okay.

Page Three (the dramatic conclusion): Very terrible stuff, like lots of earthquakes and the bad guys were roasted alive. Some of the bad guys were hurt, and even killed.
Then this huge accident happened. It happened in the bad guy town and one guy shot a gun and the whole town was burned. Then the Dead Sea was behind the city, and it came and took over the city and the bones were left.

Then a bunch of water flooded and destroyed the city. Then it was dug and they found all kinds of stuff -- robots and superhero bones. It was all under the Dead SEa which was dry, and full of rubble and stones.

Some of the good guys friends were in the city of the bad guys. They died and their bodes were buried in a graveyard and some elephants go jungle fever. They died too.

Then all the good guys flew over and there was a bad explosion. But non of the good guys or their friends really died because this is pretend world."

Governer General's award, here we come.


bettyninja said...

Now that is incredibly cute and funny! Some publisher should bite right onto this piece- it's so great!

Kristen said...

you're such a good mom for writing this all down.

Jilly said...

Hi, Betty! thanks for stopping by while you are breathing between semesters. Nice to hear from you.

Thanks, Kris. I have a book my sister made me when I was a kid full of my drawings and beginnings of writing, and I love having it now, so its pretty important to me to do the same thing for my boys.