Friday, October 09, 2009


Yes, that's right. We had our first snow yesterday. This required an early morning foray into the first snow . . .

Until Aaron found out it was cold and went running back in.
Later in the day we went for a walk and a stick hunt. I don't know why the trees seem to be shedding branches as well as leaves this time of year, but there are sticks everywhere:

Since we don't have winter coats and boots that fit yet, we had to make due with lots of layers, which looked ridiculously cute. As you can see, Aaron was checking out the mud puddles, as always.

Unrelated, but this was our other antic yesterday. Our library recently got this set of cool graphic novel versions of old myths, and one of them is Hercules. This is Andrew's hercules costume. Complete with cape, sword, shield and . . . lion's skin. Yes, indeed. A lionskin sweater vest. Who knew. I'm not sure when Hercules started wearing a superhero mask, though.

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Beck said...

We have snow, and it's snowing. At first everyone said it'll just be a few flurries, and things will pass over. At the moment it looks like this is setting in for winter. There is probably 2-4 inches on the ground and it's still going!