Saturday, October 03, 2009


I know I should be working on something baby related, or something that someone is paying me to do, but I haven't been. I just needed a quick, brainless project. And I thought it might be nice for Aaron to stop wiping his hands on Dave's shirt.

Also, Andrew is really fussy about sauces,and if he doesn't like a sauce that is on his meat, he will meticulously wipe every piece of meat off on his shirt before he eats it. I hate using paper towel because it seems to be such a waste of trees and money when we can just use tea towels and face cloths and now, cloth napkins.

Because our kitchen drawers are all full, I made this little bag to hang on our kitty hooks. It is loosely based off the tote bag pattern (again) from Bend the Rules Sewing.


Anna and Andrew Mayo said...

Super cute, Love the prints!

Kristen said...

you are very clever Jill!

Jilly said...

Thanks, ladies! And Kris, I AM a clever mama, after all ;)