Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cloth Wipes

This is my latest baby-related project (other than laundry). My wash cloths and wipes have gradually disappeared over time. I'm not sure where they've gone, but I've barely got enough to use for Aaron (who is still in diapers), never mind for another baby. So I took three old receiving blankets that were really too thin to be proper blankets anymore and cut them into 16ths. Then I followed the instructions in Handmade Home , and simply put the wrong sides together in pairs and zig-zag stitched them together.

I have 19 out of 24 done so far (each receiving blanket made 8 wipes). I cut these during an episode of Season 5 of Project Runway, and stitched them in the basement while the boys were playing. For the first part they were wrestling and playing "Three Stooges" (where they chase each other around going "woo woo woo woo woo nuk nuk nuk nuk"). Andrew was getting too aggressive, however (unfortunately the 3 Stooges are not very good role models) so I had to shut down that game. After a few moments of quiet, I discovered he had done this:

The wall and his brother also got decorated. I just reminded myself that he knows its washable, and that it was bound to happen eventually.


Bree said...

Do I want to know what that is on his arm? If he was an Aussie kid I'd say Vegemite but Canadians - not so sure.
33 weeks - I can't believe how quickly that has passed (probably not for you though, I know that feeling).

Jilly said...

Fortunately, Bree, it was just marker. I think the equivalent to Vegemite might be Peanut butter or Margerine?