Sunday, October 11, 2009

Still Snowing . . .

I know, this is starting to sound like a weather blog. But I'm Canadian; not much else happens in our peace loving country. Its either complain about the coalition government still not getting anything done, or complain about the weather. I choose the weather.
And really, when you're getting this kind of snow on Oct. 11, I think you have the right to get excited. We are going into our third day of snow on the ground and scraping windshields around here. The boys are pretty excited, and despite their lack of winter clothes (trying to find some used MEC jackets rather than shell out the money for new ones), are enjoying the new precipitation.

Here they are clearing away the snow. This is the third winter when those red snow shovels have been the toy of choice around here. Best $10 I ever spent, I tell you.

I had to convince them to clear off the walkway, rather than the grass (I suppose since they play mostly on the grass, it would make sense to them to clear it first), but once I did the walkway got cleared pretty fast. I suppose there was almost enough snow to make a snowman, but I didn't feel like hauling my 33 week pregnant body out there and rolling snowballs, so I left them to their own devices. They decided to make:

a snow pile. The pile is about twice this big now. I think they're hoping it will be big enough to make a snow fort soon.

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