Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dear DQS 10 Partner . . .

DQS10 Mosaic
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Hello! Nice to meet you! I'm so glad that you are making a quilt for me. As you can see from my inspiration mosaic, I really like bright, colourful, whimsical quilts. If you click through to the mosaic, I left some notes on Flikr about why I love these quilts.

Please take these as a jumping off point. Take anything you like from the mosaic, mix it up with your own muse, stir in some of your favorite techniques and fabrics and I'm sure I'll love whatever you make!

To answer a few of the anxiety questions that often get posted on the DQS site, I like washed, crinkly quilts, but if there is some reason that your quilt would be better smooth and unwashed and ready to hang on the wall, I would be okay with that, too. I love both wonky and precise piecing, so I'm not too worried if everything is not impeccable. I have highlighted some of the colours I love the best, but there are no colours or mixes of colour that I hate, so use what works best with the project. As long as it is made with care and love and fun, I will love it.

Please have fun, be creative and enjoy the process of making a little quilt for me. Thanks in advance for your thought, care and work.


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