Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sewing machine cover

I finished peicing my sewing machine cover. This has ended up being a little bit of a crazy scrap adventure, and I'm going to have to quilt it carefully to add some structure and clarity to the improvised design. But I think it will look pretty cool when I'm finished. My castle peeps in the maze didn't work on this small scale, so instead I started with the Owl and the Pussycat out to sea at night with stars. Well, I was thinking I would have a lot of negative space and have the girls and mermaids swimming below them in the ocean, but that just wasn't working. So instead I just started sewing things together improvisationally and pulling scraps out of my bin.
Its pretty crazy. I'm regretting the cream butterfly, as it takes away from the "pop" of the three stars, but you never learn if you don't experiment, right?

The top is a row of leftover strip scraps from Olivia's quilt:
And I really do love this side -- I think its much more successful. I can always put this side on the front if the other side really irritates me once I'm done. Now I just need to quilt it, add ties on the side and bind it up.

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