Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Free Peicing

Well, I did attempt number two on Melissa's block, and it was much more successful. Check out this cute little chickadee - type bird, frolicing amidst the flowers and butterflies! She's a little busy, but I like her.
The second block we are doing is a log cabin house. I decided to do this one in green / blue / pink. My plan is to use purple / blue / pink  or green / blue / pink for all the blocks and then mash them together at the end. I love both colour combos, and I think they relate, but I'm not sure the green and purple can co-exist in the same block -- it makes me squint when I put them next to each other.

So here is my house. The cat looks so surprised, obviously, because there is a giant blue bird outside of his house.
And here's the two blocks for my quilt plus the one for Mel Sews and the rest of my random design wall. Do you see Darth Vader?
That was my thank you gift I guilted Andrew into giving me after I spent three hours putting legos together for him. My blocks are also being watched over by the Castle Peeps, who I beleive I mentioned may be in my Doll Quilt.

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