Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun with Sarah and Molly

Sarah, otherwise known as krommama, has started this super fun little quilt-along. She is showing us how to make liberated quilt blocks -- one or two a month between now and October. Some of us have partners where you make a block for yourself and one for your partner, while others are just playing along when they feel like it. Our first block was the mondo bird. This is my little bluebird of happiness, who I am quite pleased with:
Unforunately, Emma has been super fussy lately (except for right now, when she's sitting under the table foraging for food and refusing to eat anything I give her that is actually edible and not old and dirty) because she's getting many teeth and has a cold at the same time. This effected my sanity when I was picking out the fabrics for my second block, and also she kept knocking the loose bits of my sewing machine off, which resulted in much aggrivation and lack of concentration. So this is the block my partner will not be getting:
I think I shall make a grey bird and a yellow one and ditch the background fabric altogether. Ah well, I am always telling Andrew that we learn by making mistakes and then trying again. And its not like I don't have any more fabric to play with . . .

If you're interested in joining in or following along, you can find the group here.

And no, there are not supposed to be loose bits to knock off your sewing machine. My sewing machine has been a bit . .. altered by three children.

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