Thursday, January 06, 2011


So, we have made many purchases on EBay, and Dave has never had a problem with any of them. Until now. You know what is so predictable about this? Lets look at this list:

We have bought, without a hitch:

Shoes, for Dave
North Face Vest, for Dave
Winter Boots, for Dave
Laptop, for Dave
Motorcycle, for Dave
Car, for the family

We just got a bad seller who we paid for an item he did not ship (and incidentally also "sold" to two other people):

A Sewing Machine, for Jill.

Guess who was super excited about her Christmas present when she accidentally read the shipping notice in her email about it?

Guess who is pretty bummed out that her Christmas present never arrived, and that we will probably end up spending the money on a new laptop to replace the Lappy now?

Sigh. Some days I just feel like Charlie Brown.

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