Thursday, January 20, 2011

Toast, anyone?

So, here's the first four blocks of my toast and tea quilt. I decided to go scrappy in my light fabrics rather than doing all white. I know that all white or cream is what all the cool kids are doing right now, but I've never really been very good at being one of the cool kids. I didn't quite have enough white or cream to stick with one solid colour, and I really wanted to get this quilt going, so I decided to just add some other neutrals rather than maybe run out of one fabric and have to order more.

I don't know wether I"m going to keep these blocks together to let their secondary patterns "sing" or if I'm going to seperate them with wonky teacups. We shall see once I've got more blocks done.


Shannon Hillinger said...

I love the scrappy background. I know I'm in the minority, but I am getting tired of all one white backgrounds.

Jilly said...

Shannon, we'll have to start our own "way ahead of the cool kids" group.