Thursday, May 22, 2008

Card Making

So, I am not a card maker. Despite being a relatively accurate quilter, I am not great at cutting straight lines. Or drawing straight lines. Or putting together things that are not fabric in a way that is pleasing to anyone buy myself. One of my friends sells Stampin'Up and I went to a card making workshop a while ago, and I got one of the two projects done, and it didn't actually work properly.

I was quite proud of myself, then, when I decided to make these invitations:

Since I'm no a paper person, I don't have one of those little paper guillotines, so I had to actually draw the lines and cut with scissors. This was all good, however, since it gave me a chance to play with the new 6 1/2 inch square plastic ruler I got at %25 off yesterday at my local quilt shop.

While I was doing this, Andrew happily cut apart all the ladies in this Sears catalogue. He can't really cut yet, but he sure has fun trying. He just doesn't beleive me that cutting is supposed to be done with ONE hand.

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