Friday, May 30, 2008

Disappearing one and four patch . . .

This is the little quilt top I was working on the other day. Remember how I said I needed a new brain? Well, I made this out of my head, and I was super tired and preoccupied whenever I was working on it. So first, its super small, becuase I forgot to add a half inch to the four patch squares. So they were smaller than my big patches. Then, my iron would not get hot, so all the seams were really fat and aukward and it just wouldn't go together nicely. Dave was kind enough to get me a new T-fal iron when he was in the city this week, so that should be fixed now. Then, I was piecing the final few bigger sections and not pinning. The baby woke up after I had put the squares together, but before I started sewing. So I guess I picked up the wrong side, becuase I sewed it together so that the entire pattern of the quilts (one patch, four patch, one patch, four patch) was obliterated. And I had the choice of a big pink square in the middle or a completely unbalanced quilt top. So big pink square it was. (I guess I could have ripped the seam, but I just didn't have the extra energy).

The abseloute saving grace of this little baby is the Freshcut fabric. It is so beautiful that no matter what you do to it, your end result still looks stunning.

Anyway, there's no batting, just a plush blanket on the back. At first I just topstiched the sides, but the cotton was shifting, so I put a few ties in it to hold it together. Of course, since my sewing machine isn't working, it will probably fall apart anyway, so i needn't have bothered.

This quilt was one of the many goofy things I've done lately that has made me realize it is time to night wean Aaron. 18 months without a solid night's sleep is catching up on me.

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