Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spring time fun

We have been spending all our time lately galivanting around in our yard and at the park. This has been extremely cute becuase Aaron is so interested in everything, and so aware of the world around him (Andrew was constantly overstimulated and dealing with hidden food allergies at this age). He notices every little detail, and has really funny ideas.

For example, apparently what you really need when its cold is a mitten. Two days in a row, when Andrew has thrown on his boots and coat in the early morning and gone outside, I have found Aaron outside in a t-shirt, a diaper and a mitten. After all, if your hand is warm, everything else should be too.

He is also certain that he can and should do everything Andrew does. Andrew has this little red wagon that he pulls Soxul Furry (the purple bear) around in. So sometimes, when its his turn to use the wagon, Aaron pulls his bear around in the wagon, too. The other day he pulled it all the way to the park, all around the park and all the way home. It took us FOREVER, but he insisted he was going to tow that wagon the whole way. He also likes to dress up in half the knight's armour and run around chasing Andrew.

Andrew is intensely into his own imaginative world. He loves his knights from the castle set. They are presently named Rupert and Jonathan. They still go everywhere with him, and he even made them their own plates. This morning he was going on about how they should eat their plates, which i couldn't figure out until we were reading the "C" children's encyclopedia this morning and it talked about the medieval people using bread for plates. Aha.

He has also cleared all the sand toys into one corner of the sandbox becuase he is building a road. Aaron and I are not allowed to step on the road, dig sand out of the road or otherwise be near the road because we will make it uneven. Do you think I might have a perfectionist on my hands? Perhaps.

Anyway, as spring comes and the boys get outside more, their energy is focused more on playing and exploring and less on fighting with each other and clinging onto mom. This has been great and really allowed me to relax and enjoy watching them grow and have fun. The fact that I can strap them in the wagon and tow them around when I get tired of them has something to do with that, too, I think.

Here's to green grass, warm sun, lots of barbeques and no pots and pans after supper.

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