Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sine I've Been so Text Heavy Recently:

There's been a lot of construction around here recently. This has been great for walks with the boys. We actually brought our afternoon snack to watch these guys for half an hour.

This is Andrew saying "cheese". Not sure where he got that from, since we never say it.

But Andrew obviously says it all the time, because when Dave was trying to take these pictures of Aaron and the 'do he gave himself with macaronni salad dressing, he kept saying "cheeeeisah". It cracked me up every time.

Idle parenting at its best. I did make sure they stopped at street corners.

See the big ditch they're playing in? That was one of the tracks from that giant excavator. We had many days excitement watching that thing. Sadly today there was just one small roller, which was cool, but not nearly as good as this guy.

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