Tuesday, May 06, 2008


So it appears to be Tuesday and my last post was actually myt 300th post . . . but this is my hobby, so i will do a giveaway when I get around to making something. The thing is, I'm trying to think of something that many of the people who read this blog would want. So not something for someone with kids, but necessarily for someone who is crafty, but not necessarily something for someone who is my age . . . but something that might get people to come out of lurkdom for at least one comment. Hmm. I'm thinking about it. I will do something. Just give me a few more days to plan.

Still, since this is one of my main forms of entertainment, we'll pretend this is post . . . 295 or so, okay? I'm not going to stop blogging until I get something made to give away, but I'm doubting I'll get something made tonight. So I'll get back to y'all in a bit.

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Kristen said...

way to keep me hanging :O)...my mom's one of your lurkers btw