Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stash Sunday -- spotty edition

These are my Kaffe Roman Glass dots, and co-ordinating dots. I am going to use these in the Oh Franson Mod Sampler quilt-along . When I first saw the image of just the pattern I wasn't going to do it. But when I started to see the quilts showing up on Flikr, and noticed how easily the blocks came together, I decided it will be my next project after Andrew's quilt.

There's a funny story that goes along with these and the other 12 fat quarters and half yards of polka dots I have in my stash (which I am finally breaking up and using). When I first started quilting, about 3 years ago, I picked up a copy of Quilts and More and saw the most amazing polka dotted star quilt on the cover. I thought, "I must make that quilt. And since it only has 9 blocks, it can't be that hard." and without another thought, aside from occasionally admiring the photos, I started collecting polka dots. It was a super scrappy quilt, so I collected a LOT of polka dots. I beleive I had something like 8 yards total of assorted dots, mostly fat quarters. So since I had enough fabric, I looked at the pattern again. And started reading the cutting directions, which go something like this: Cut assorted dark prints into 126 - 3" squares. Cut in half diagonally for a total of 252 small triangles. . . . and later in the directions . . . repeat to make 36 light triangle units . . .. repeat to make 76 dark triangle units . . . . .

Basically, I realized that this quilt would take a lot of precision and time. More of either than I have right now. Piecing tiny triangles is not a good idea when you have little boys climbing on and off your lap and bumping into your sewing machine. So I shelved the magazine for another day (when I will probably have enough scraps to make the thing out of real scraps and children old enough to sit and draw while I sew). And since then, I have been hoarding these metres and metres of polka dots, trying to decide whether to break them up or keep them together. I used about 3 m worth of blue and red and cream dots for Andrew's I-spy (coming soon -- all the squares are cut finally) and now I'm using these for the Mod Sampler. The rest are going to be released into my general stash, to be used liberally in whatever projects I choose.

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Bree said...

love the spots, i have a bit of a thing for spots!