Friday, March 06, 2009

New Dress!

Remember my complaint about not being able to wear dresses? Well, I am weaning Aaron, so I decided that it was time to bring on at least one dress. And it just happened that I saw this amazing dress on etsy, at Sarah Clemens' shop and happened to show it to Dave, and he just happened to be in an unpredictable mood and said, "Why don't you get it?".

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I did get it. By the time I decided for sure (about 2 hrs later) it was sold, of course. Since it was hand made, I had to wait for the seller to receive a new bolt of green fabric, and sew me a new dress. But it arrived yesterday and it was SOO worth the wait.

I couldn't wait to take a photo -- in retrospect, I should have cleaned the mirror. Thanks for the blurry photo, two small boys! It will be a bit more ruffly after I hang it to dry to get the wrinkles out. Thanks, recently folded linen. Isn't it great?


Kristen said...

Very You Jill!

Kristin said...

'tis lovely!

Spotted you wearing it on Saturday, but didn't get to say hi - long morning with kids, and I was ready to go home. Looks great on you!

Nevaeh said...

Your dress is really nice and looking comfortable!!